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Treatment Work - Conditions


I don’t at this time have any feedback on the effectiveness of these specific points (like I do for constipation and the others), but have been asked to include them in the Conditions section.

Before listing them, however, a note of caution: severe diarrhea REQUIRES prompt intervention. Left unchecked, it can cause dehydration and is potentially life threatening, especially in disaster settings.

The main points listed in “Tsubo Vital Points for Oriental Therapy” by Katsuske Serizawa are Governing Vessel 14, Bladder 23, Bladder 25. He recommends starting by massaging these three points in sequence, followed by additional work with Conception Vessel 12, Stomach 25, Large Intestine 11, Large Intestine 10, and Large Intestine 1. The pattern ends with Stomach 34 and Stomach 36.

He points out that there are also many possible causes of acute diarrhea, ranging from overeating, to dysentery, to food poisoning, to various illnesses and disorders, including hormone secretions and cancer. He adds that “The kind of diarrhea that responds to oriental tsubo therapy is that which is the result of psychological stress and irregular living habits.”

The listed points are effective and have definite application, but the application is limited.

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