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it is unbelievably common for people to trip, slip, fall, get pushed down playing sports, whatever, and land hard on their fanny. It is also unbelievably common to have the coccyx sublux as a direct result of that hard impact. Considering how many doctors aren't aware of this, it is not surprising that most patients aren't either. Besides, most "real" doctors have no effective way of treating it, other than rest, ice, pain killers and time, assuming the problem is even identified to begin with at all. Osteopaths are better and more likely to discover the problem. Their treatment of choice, however, is a bit invasive. It involves a rubber glove and digital manipulation of the coccyx, internally via intra-anal exploration. Not what most folks would consider a fun activity.

The problem with a subluxed coccyx is that it can literally poke sideways
into soft tissue and be extremely painful. To avoid that pain, the body
shifts at the waist to remove the pressure. That in turn causes the upper
body to be out of alignment so the body shifts the thoracic spine in the
other direction. And so on. End result is a case of functional scoliosis
caused by a subluxed coccyx. In more extreme cases, that can also translate into TMJ problems as the shifts and counter-shifts progress to the neck and head.

A subluxed coccyx is very easy to treat energetically. Simply place
the tips of your middle and ring fingers at the top of the coccyx at
the start of the gluteal crease and hold for an energetic balance.
It is done externally and with the client fully clothed so there is
no sense of invasiveness in doing it.

Subluxed Coccyx Subluxed Coccyx

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