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There are numerous types of headache: Migraine, Tension, Sinus, Vascular, etc. Over the last two years, I have had excellent results in treating all types of headache, including migraines in progress, with a very specific set of acupoints. The first two are the Gall Bladder 20s at the base of the skull, just lateral to the center of the spine, and pressing up into the Occipital Ridge. The other two are the Gall Bladder 14s, directly above the center of the eyes when staring straight ahead and about a finger width above the eye brow.

If you access the points very precisely with your finger tips, it is acupressure. A variation is to use the palms of your hands instead.

Using the palms is a Polarity Therapy technique. The same points are being addressed, but with a slightly different technique. I tend to use my right hand at the base of the skull and my left on the forehead because this brings some polarity principles into play as well. For someone in the midst of a migraine, the palm technique is easier to use and more effective because it allows you to gradually enter their energy field. You go in slow as their body allows it or pulls you in.


Gall Bladder 14 Gall Bladder 20 Gall Bladder 14 and 20

Regarding migraines specifically, I recently read a report that migraines are now known to be caused by abnormal electrical charges that begin at the base of the brain and then spread through the entire head. This is definitely in keeping with my own experiences in energetically treating migraines.

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