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Treatment Work - Conditions

Heart Attacks

Here are two techniques that are worth knowing if you are ever around someone experiencing a heart attack (or are having one yourself).

Heart 9Heart 9 is located at the base of the finger nail, little finger, on the inside of the finger (ring finger side). If a heart attack in progress is suspected, BITE the finger so pressure is applied directly into the Heart 9 point. I have not personally had the need to try this (and hope I never do), but one of my ex-classmates is a Medical Doctor, trained in China. I will take him at his word that this is an effective emergency technique until emergency services can get there with a defibrillator. (Actually, I should say he WAS a Medical Doctor until he moved to the state of Washington which refused to recognize ANY of his medical training.)

Heart 9 BiteDeadman’s “A Manual of Acupuncture” also lists indications for use as heart pain, pounding of the heart, and loss of consciousness, which is in keeping with the above.

Polarity HoldAnother technique from Polarity Therapy is to grasp the individual’s left little finger at Heart 9 with your left hand and squeeze very tightly on the point. At the same time, place the palm of your right hand on the mid-thoracic back at about T5-T6 and then simply hold the position while focusing on making an energetic connection between your two hands.

I haven’t personally tried this one either, and likewise hope I never have the need.

No, these are not adequate substitutes for quickly calling 911 and knowing CPR if necessary, but neither technique will cause any harm and you just might end up saving someone’s life.

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