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Treatment Work - Conditions

Piriformis Syndrome Runners Hip

Piriformis Syndrome is a frequent culprit in causing sciatic nerve pain (discussed in more detail under Sciatica). Since a contracted muscle is involved, I generally treat using OIDE. The difference is that in addition to working the actual origin-insertion points of the Piriformis itself, I also check, and treat if necessary, the Gluteal origin points along the iliac spine. Assessment is simple palpation for tender points. The reason I check the Gluteal muscles is that I am finding that contracted Glutes can apply their own pressure onto the Piriformis and through it, to the Sciatic nerve.

Piriformis Syndrome  Runners Hip Piriformis Syndrome  Runners Hip

Condition where the piriformis is chronically contracted

After use is tender to palpation

May involve sciatic nerve due to

Piriformis contracts when heel touches the ground and helps with lift-off during running and walking

When contracted, does not allow internal rotation of femur, changing the gait (main action is external rotation)

Factors that increase the stress

Signs and symptoms

Onset trauma, gradual

Treatment goals

Important: stretch before and after activities

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