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The comment about God must be a man really hits home in this case because bladder prolapse is almost exclusively a female problem. I am not saying that men never get prolapsed bladders, just that the prevalence is far more frequent with women. I have so far not worked on a single man with a prolapsed bladder but have worked on literally dozens of women with the problem (including my own wife). The typical warning signs of bladder prolapse can best be (somewhat) delicately described as various types of urinary distress; things like urinary incontinence, a feeling of fullness or urgency accompanied by an inability to void the bladder, what my wife calls the “dribble giggles,” things of that nature.

Conditions such as “wandering womb” and meridian imbalance can predispose someone to prolapse. But there are also purely mechanical causes at times. For those not totally up to speed on anatomy, the visceral (abdominal) cavity contains both hollow and solid organs. Because of internal gas pressure, the hollow organs expand to completely fill all available space within the abdominal cavity (with some exceptions like my own stomach expanding, not because of internal gas pressure but because of overeating when I quit smoking). Secondly, the organs don’t just sit there all by themselves, floating freely within the cavity. They are attached by ligaments, usually to the posterior abdominal wall.

One of the defining characteristics of a ligament is that it is not a contractile or elastic tissue. Once it is stretched, it stays stretched. It does not elastically rebound like a tendon. This is a hugely significant point for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is the mechanical effect on the abdominal organs when changes occur within the abdominal cavity. Part of the reason so many women suffer from bladder prolapse, particularly later in life, is because of the male dominated medical profession’s excessive zeal with a scalpel. Specifically, the excessive rate of C section births and radical hysterectomies which rearrange and/or remove contents of the abdominal cavity. Contents shift position resulting in a physical prolapse.

Medical treatment protocols fall into three main categories, two of which address the actual problem and one which only addresses a symptom of bladder prolapse. These are surgery, digital manipulation, and drugs. Until recently, the only “real” medical treatment was surgery to reposition the bladder and to then stitch it back in place. An alternative was/is Osteopathic manipulation to physically push the bladder back in place. While not as invasive as surgery, it IS as invasive as it sounds because it requires the rubber glove and intra-vaginal manipulation of the bladder. Drug treatment is recent and addresses the “problem” of urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, urinary incontinence as such is not the actual problem. The actual problem is bladder prolapse and the incontinence is merely a symptom of the prolapse. I shudder to think what suppression of the urinary function is ultimately doing to the body.

Well, I discovered virtually by accident in July of 2004 that there is a very direct way to energetically treat organ prolapse. I was attending a conference in Buffalo, New York at the time. Actually, I didn’t really “attend the conference” because I ended up spending virtually my entire time there doing treatment work in my hotel room. One of those treatment sessions was with someone whose primary complaint was severe bladder prolapse with all of the pain, discomfort and related problems associated with the condition.

To this day, I have no idea what possessed me to do what I did during the session, especially since I had an observer during the entire session. The observer was one of the lead investigators with the National Institute of Health in Baltimore. She found out that I would be doing a treatment session that afternoon and since she was “interested” in energy work in general, basically invited herself to sit in and watch. I was delighted with the idea <G>.

At any rate, during the session, after we had already discussed the issue of bladder prolapse, I took her hand, placed it on the individual’s abdomen, put my hand on top of hers, and then energetically moved the bladder back in place. Because there was a doctor in attendance (her) and she wanted to observe as much as possible, the session was done largely undraped (which is NOT how I normally work). But because of that, we were able to actually witness the physical movements taking place within the abdomen as the changes happened. We could see the descending colon moving out of the way based on the ripples under the skin and actually watch the bladder change position. You need to understand that I had NEVER attempted this before, didn’t even know it was possible. Something just told me to do it.

The second treatment I did was on my own wife two nights later. Since then, in maybe 20 months since the first one, we have done two uterine and between 40 and 50 bladder prolapses. I say we because I have taught a few others to do it as well in the last year. I have personally done over three dozen bladders now. And compared to the first time, I do them with the individual fully clothed at all times.

So, how is it done? You locate the bladder by very lightly running the pads of your fingers down the abdomen from about a hand span below the naval to the pubic bone. In cases of bladder prolapse, what I am finding is that the abdomen just above the pubic bone will “mound up.” Place the tips of your fingers (either your normal “sending” hand or both) against the bottom edge of that mound, right at or just above the pubic bone and then simply wait for the energy to do its own thing. As the bladder shifts, it will physically draw away from your fingers and you will simultaneously lose that “sense of energy.” Follow it. Slide your fingers up until you are again in contact with the bottom edge of the mound, feel the energy kick back in, and then wait until it stops. Repeat. And keep repeating until you no longer feel the energy. You will know that it is done, that the bladder has shifted as far as it is going to, when you no longer pick up the energy after moving your fingers further up the body. And that’s it. It’s really easy to do and very effective.

Prolapse Prolapse

Now, I commented earlier about the non-elasticity of ligaments being hugely significant. Keep in mind that the organs are attached by ligaments and that once stretched, ligaments do NOT contract on their own. They stay stretched. At no time and in no fashion have I ever physically pushed against or externally manipulated the bladder in any way. It has ALWAYS been with nothing more than very light, passive touch, in effect just barely making external physical contact at all. Even so, the bladder physically moves. We have seen this happen repeatedly, both undraped and even through clothes. If no pushing is involved, the only way that the bladder can move is for the ligament to contract and to pull it back up. According to western medicine, this is a physical impossibility by the very nature of ligaments. Well, I know a whole bunch of women around the United States who would be more than happy to challenge that notion, including my wife.

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