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Treatment Work - Conditions

Whiplash, Neck Strain, Torticolis

The basic technique I use for all of these is Origin-Insertion Directed Energy. The only complicated aspect is knowing where to place your hands or fingers. I also do it bi-laterally so I donít have to remember if muscle A acts on the same side while muscle B acts on the opposite side. I not only donít have to remember, I donít have to test or evaluate for it either. All of the ďtestingĒ and treating is done simultaneously based on the sense of energy. What I am about to describe, in addition to addressing secondary issues that might be related to TOS, also treats all of the major whiplash injury muscles, as well as Torticolis and stick necks in general. Specifically, it treats Suboccipital, upper fibers of the Trapezius, Levator Scapula, SCM, and both Anterior and Middle Scalenes. And it does all of them at the same time, with one hand position.

WhiplashFor illustration, assume treating the right side. Cradle the head with your left hand such that the pad of the tip of the first finger is resting against Gall Bladder 20. Your intention is not on Gall Bladder 20; that just happens to be where you put your finger. Your focus or intention is on the Suboccipital muscles because that is where they are located. Pads of your middle and ring fingers then curl around the head and rest against the Mastoid Process bone. Your left hand is now contacting origin and insertion of the Suboccipitals as well as the insertion points of the upper fibers of the Trapezius, Levator Scapula, and SCM. Now grasp the top of the shoulder strap with your right hand so your thumb goes under and contacts the medial upper edge of the scapula. This is the origin point for Levator Scapula. Angle your hand so the heel or edge of it on the other side of your hand by the wrist is contacting the point of the shoulder. This is the origin point for the upper fibers of the Trapezius. Place the sides of your first finger against the side of the neck. This is the insertion area for both Anterior and Middle Scalene. And finally, angle the edges/tips of your fingers along the upper, inside edge of the clavicle, starting next to the sternum, and covering as broad an area of the clavicle as is comfortable for you to span with your hand. You have now contacted the origin points for SCM and both Scalenes. Then you simply hold that position and wait to see what the energy does. It is an incredibly powerful technique because it not only makes origin-insertion contact with six specific, major muscles that are primary for whiplash injury (as well as two of the TOS syndromes), it accesses the meridians via specific acupoints and works through bone two-pointing as well. WhiplashThe main acupoints accessed are obviously Gall Bladder 20, but you are also engaging the Windows to the Sky points in the side of the neck plus additional points adjacent to the clavicle. Bone two-pointing? You are on the Mastoid process, TVPs of the cervical vertebrae, both ends of the clavicle, and multiple points on the scapula. Ten minutes to bi-laterally perform four orthopedic tests? In ten minutes, I can do the above routine on both sides and simultaneously treat whiplash, Torticolis, and TOS, and treat them all without having to concern myself with any pre-testing or evaluations. The sense of energy is the evaluation.

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