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Energy Medicine Eastern and Western Perspectives

Body Rhythms

The body also has "rhythms." Everyone is familiar with the rhythms of the blood pulse and respiration. There are others, but before I get to them, some additional information about blood pulse. When Western trained doctors check blood pressure, only one "pulse" is used to measure blood pressure, heart rate and signs of irregular rhythms. In traditional Eastern medicine, there are twelve pulses - six on each wrist, three superficial and three deep. They not only measure pulse rates but also qualities of the various pulses. Chinese and Ayuervedic practitioners can tell a whole lot more from pulse diagnostics than is even dreamed possible by Western Allopathic doctors.

As for other rhythms, one is the lymphatic system. Lymph moves through the body in a series of waves. One of the reasons I push Lymphatic Drainage Therapy as developed and taught by Bruno Chikly through the Upledger Institute (as opposed to other manual lymphatic drainage methods) is that Chikly not only teaches that the system produces waves, he teaches how to feel it. The others don't. Another rhythm is the Craniosacral Rhythm produced by the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid through the spinal column between the cranium and the sacrum. This, too, can be felt.

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