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Energy Medicine – Eastern and Western Perspectives

Engaging the System

Which energy system do I engage? Just one, like everyone else. The difference is that I engage it in multiple ways simultaneously, sometimes deliberately and sometimes by just being present in the moment and allowing the energy to do its own thing. The other big difference is that I don’t concern myself with figuring out if a particular meridian is excess or deficient, whether there is too much dampness or too much heat, whether the Chi is stagnant, whether there is a need to tonify or sedate, or anything even related to any of these more standard approaches. The only concern I have when working on someone is that their body is in some fashion energetically out of balance.

One thing I have come to believe in the last couple of years is that the way all of this "has been done" for the last 5,000 years or so was because that was the way it HAD to be done. Specifically, working with the meridians, chakras, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc in terms of excess this, deficient that, stagnant Chi, whatever, was necessary because that was what humans needed at the time to make it work. Kind of like the vibrational rates of humanity at large were at a lower level so this kind of "stuff" wouldn't work otherwise. It NEEDED that structure.

I have also come to believe that whatever is happening (and I no longer doubt that something IS happening on a very large scale), needs a bridge between what was and what will be. The traditional ways are what was. Those familiar with the Indigo/Crystal Children Phenomena, can catch glimpses of the “what will be.” My approach of treating everything as nothing more than restoring or achieving BALANCE is like that bridge or link between the two. The older ones if you will are not vibrationally ready on their own to do what the wee ones now coming in do routinely as part of their birthright. And sticking with the traditional ways won't get the pink haired cane walkers there, either. There needs to be a bridge built to let them cross that chasm. I personally am NOT the bridge. All I am is a facilitator to help people build their own bridges, so they can then go on and help others build their own bridges by becoming more attuned vibrationally.

In terms of direct treatment work, my role is simply and ONLY to in some fashion assist or facilitate their bringing their own body back into balance. I don’t do the work, they do. It makes my life/job/role/whatever MUCH easier. I don’t need to spend much time at all doing a lot of assessments or evaluations for specific conditions or problems. When I am in a given area, the body will tell me whether I need to stay there or move on, simply through whether a sense of energy kicks in or not. When it does, I stay put. I know the work is done when that sense of energy becomes balanced between my two hands. Again, my role and what I look for while doing the work is simply that feeling of “balance.” A nice side benefit is that this approach also makes it much easier for me to take someone with absolutely zero background in or knowledge of energy work and have them very quickly up and running on their own, more often than not in just a matter of minutes.

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