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Energy Medicine – Eastern and Western Perspectives

Frequencies and Vibrations

A critical thing to keep in mind when talking/thinking about "energy work" is the nature of frequencies and vibrations. EVERYTHING in the universe is a function of a vibratory frequency, just at different points along the scale. This is NOT woo-woo. This is hard Newtonian physics. The real fun starts when you get into Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory. It is my personal belief that the ultimate "proof" of the weirder things in the universe (things like paranormal activity as an example) will come directly from Quantum studies. It is already happening. Distance healing - two places at the same time? Quantum Physics has already done this repeatedly in lab experiments with quantum particles. And string theory seriously postulates multiple, alternative universes and realities.

SQUIDS have also been used to measure the electromagnetic fields emanating from the hands of energetic body-workers. Again from Oschman “The therapeutic touch signal pulsed at a variable frequency, ranging from 0.3 to 30.0 Hz, with most of the activity in the range of 7-8 Hz. In other words, the signal emitted by the practitioner is not steady or constant, it ‘sweeps’ or ‘scans’ through a range of frequencies. … The pulsations are interesting in relation to the experiences of energy practitioners, who often report a sensation of vibration or tingling during the period when the technique seems to be particularly effective.”

At any rate, call it what you will, the energy that flows through the meridians and charkas can also be sensed or felt by practitioners. More importantly, this is something that everyone can be taught to feel.

How does all of this relate to the energy medicine and hands-on healing? Well, for one thing, western medical research has identified that ALL self-healing mechanisms in the human body (bone knitting, blood clotting, scar formation, etc) are triggered by the body generating specific frequencies. Bone knitting is 7-9 Hz. For what it is worth, the Schumann Resonance mentioned above just happens (?) to also be in the 7-9 Hz range. The identified range (I stress "identified" because I am not convinced that they have discovered all of them yet) is from 3-30 Hz. Studies done in Japan using Squid Magnetometers have also identified that the hands of energy workers when in treatment mode constantly scan and emit a frequency in the range of 3-30 Hz.

Correlating this to treatments and "healing," it is my personal belief that many of the chronic, especially auto-immune, dysfunctions in the body are caused by the body either emitting a faulty frequency or no frequency at all which acts to either prevent the body from doing necessary self-correction or ends up actually causing the dysfunction, similar to a mutation if you will. I can't prove this hypothesis - yet - but nothing I have had happen in the last three years has caused me to change my thinking on this point. From a treatment perspective, I also believe that energetic bodyworkers are in some fashion emitting a necessary frequency into the field of the person being worked on, much like jumper cables for a dead or weak auto battery, that allows that person's body to jump start its own healing process. Again, I can't prove this - yet - but have become increasingly convinced of the validity of this position. And if correct, then effective treatment DEMANDS working energetically.

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