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Energy Medicine – Eastern and Western Perspectives

GDV Testing

GDV is the abbreviation for Gas Discharge Visualization, more commonly known as Kirilian photography. When I was at the NIH in Baltimore in June 2005, GDV testing was one of the tests done on me. Normal testing is done “filtered” and “unfiltered” to distinguish between the physical and emotional components. In my case, the tests were filtered and unfiltered, first with me in non-treatment mode and then when I dropped into treatment mode. Non-treatment would be in the 13-40 Hz state. Treatment would be in the 6-12 range. There was an instantaneous and significant difference in results. If I can arrange it sometime, I want to redo the tests, but with actual brain wave monitoring conducted at the same time.

The following two pages are my GDV results, unfiltered, first in non-treatment mode and secondly in treatment mode.

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Non-Treatment Mode GDV

Treatment Mode GDV

Non-Treatment Mode GDV Treatment Mode GDV

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