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Energy Medicine – Eastern and Western Perspectives

Self Healing Mechanisms

In the first place, I firmly believe in the premise that the body contains within itself, everything it needs to heal itself. If it did not, we would ALL die from our first hang-nail. And in fact, the body does indeed heal itself without outside intervention for most things. Intervention is realistically needed for only four things: trauma, cases where the “problem” overwhelms a healthy body’s capacity for self-healing, cases where the body lacks the necessary something to jump-start the healing process, or the body’s self-healing mechanisms are weak, damaged, or destroyed.

I am also becoming more and more convinced that the body is capable of communicating with its various parts. I call it Dialoging. Dr. John Upledger calls it Cell Talk. Either way, there is at least anecdotal evidence to suggest that the body is capable of self-healing in surprising ways, simply through talking to or with the dysfunctional part. Longer term, there is enormous potential if it becomes possible to dialog with the dysfunctional body in such a way as to get the body to release its own adult stem cells to those areas needing them.

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