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Energy Medicine Eastern and Western Perspectives

Sending, Receiving, and Balancing Energy

I don't do most things the way they are taught - in any modality, including basic energy work. I don't even agree with much of the way things are taught. I am not saying that the way it is being taught, or the way it was taught IN THE PAST, is/was wrong. But I am saying that I believe it is NOW time to change the whole paradigm on most of this because I believe it IS wrong for the future. More on that point in a minute.

The concept of sending or receiving hand is a perfect example.
Right hand/left hand? I have heard both ways. I have also
heard that it is normally your right hand. Depends on which
modality you are dealing with. The only one that has ever made any
real, logical, sense to me comes from the principles of Polarity
Therapy based on the work of Dr. Randolph Stone. Basically,
different parts of the body have different polarities, or positive
and negative electrical charges. For example, top/head is positive,
bottom/feet is negative, right side is positive and left side is
negative, the thumb is neutral, first finger is negative, middle
finger is positive, ring finger is negative, little finger is
positive, two opposite charge fingers together (like middle and
ring) are negative because they cancel each other out. Energy (like
an electrical current or any kind of pressure differential) will
flow from the positive pole to the negative pole to achieve
equilibrium or balance. Another key point made by Franklyn Sills
in "The Polarity Process" (best, most useful, user friendly,
beginning book on Polarity Therapy available) is that the head
is "most" positive and the feet are "most" negative. In other
words, they are more one than the other, but not an absolute, only
positive or only negative.

The principles of Polarity Therapy would therefore suggest that the right hand (being the positively charged hand) would send toward your left (negatively charged) hand in a normal electrical current/pressure differential type of flow.

As a practitioner, I have very serious issues and disagreements with
that concept. I am not saying the CONCEPT is wrong (because it
isn't - it follows the natural laws of physics and all that hard
science stuff). But what I am saying is that the APPLICATION of the
concept is wrong. It is wrong because of what it does to both the
practitioner's and client's mind-set, focus, and intention. In
fact, the whole notion of sending and receiving energy is wrong.
Can it be done? Absolutely it can be done. But is it RIGHT to do
it that way? My contention is NO, it is NOT right to do it that
way. It is not right because it shifts the responsibility for
healing from the client to the practitioner. The practitioner's
mind-set is that the practitioner is going to do the work, to make
things happen. The client's mind-set is that it is not their
responsibility, they are just passively receiving whatever the
practitioner is doing. And that's just pure crap. It is NOT our
responsibility, job, role or even our right as a practitioner to
make anything at all happen. That function belongs SOLELY to the
client. The ONLY function we as practitioners should play in any of
this is as a facilitator to help/aid/assist or whatever other term
you care to choose, that body placed in our care at that time and
place to HELP THEMSELVES. WE do nothing. THEY do everything.

Part of the underlying principles of Energy Work are that we are more than just physical flesh, blood and bones and that physical dysfunction manifests first in the etheric or energetic bodies. However, you do have to distinguish between what is essentially a structural problem or issue versus what is systemic. Systemic dysfunction (particularly disease) may indeed manifest first in the energetic or etheric body and then in the physical body. But that does NOT mean that everything starts with the energetic. Sometimes it is a purely physical dysfunction. Trip on a tree root and sprain your ankle. The CAUSE of your swollen ankle has nothing to do with an imbalance in your energetic body. You can use energy to treat the problem, but the problem itself is purely physical.

There are also emotional and psychic risk/reward, tradeoffs involved. I have more than once been asked if I could clear energetic blocks for people and have told them "Yes, I probably could. But it would be wrong for me to do so because you are not ready." Many, many times, people hang on to their issues and dysfunctions because extraneous rewards that accrue from their dysfunction outweigh the benefits they would have if they
shed that dysfunction. Maybe it is some kind of emotional support
from family or friends they would not otherwise have. Maybe they
have issues to work through or lessons to learn from enduring that
dysfunction. Who knows? What I do know is that our "doing it" FOR
them in some way deprives them of something they NEED at a deeper or
higher level. When they are ready, or have learned whatever it is
they need to learn, then the true healing will occur on its own.
Maybe with our assistance, maybe without it.

I do not deliberately send or receive, nor do I deliberately give of
my energy or take of theirs. Have I made exceptions from time to
time? Of course I have. But those exceptions involved my daughter
being in extreme pain and nothing else I was doing was working. So
I put my hand over the pain and asked that it be given to me instead
of her, to release it from her and pass it THROUGH me. Something
must have worked, because her pain stopped. But aside from
something like that, my sole intention when I am working with
someone is simply to help their body achieve its own state of
balance, whatever that balance level might be.

Let's say, for an example, that I detect an energetic blockage in
someone's right leg (and there are MANY different ways to do that,
depending on your own individual training). Using the concept of
sending and receiving, I would place one hand on the sole of the
foot (either the heel or at Kidney 1) and my other hand higher up,
knee, hip, ASIS, Iliac Spine, exact location dependent on where I
was drawn to put it, where it felt right to put it. I would then
focus my intention on sending energy through the leg, from my right
hand to my left, to forcibly blow through that blockage and clear
it. With this approach, I (practitioner) am doing all the work.
They are just stretched out enjoying a nap. One question though in
a case like this is do I send toward the head or toward the feet?
Do I need to clear the blockage and allow the flow to move OUT
through the foot chakra? Do I need to send the energy INTO the
body? Do YOU as a hypothetical practitioner know? Are you just

Consider the responsibilities we as practitioners have just put on
our own shoulders in working that way. Well, I don't work that
way. I do everything as described except for the sending part. I
place my hands where I feel they need to be and then simply wait to
see what happens. My hands are acting as positive and negative
poles, but it is THEIR body that will make the connection and cause
the energy to flow and the blockage to clear because the energy will
be their own, but only if they are ready for it. If nothing
happens, I move on. If I pick up a sense of energy, I stay there
until it is balanced between my hands. This not only makes my job a
whole lot easier, it also (based on quite a bit of actual, hands-on
experience now) seems to be much more effective. For me, everything
is about BALANCE. I don't need to concern myself with all of the
traditional Five Element issues, or drills or routines, or any of
that. Long answer for what could have been just one word, right or
left. <G>

Furthermore, if you are working with strong Indigos or Crystals, you
CAN'T send energy to them. They will shield, block, and reject it.
And the stronger they are, the better able they are to do it. I
know a couple of really good ones who will energetically (and
virtually physically via the energy) knock the practitioner on his
fanny if he tries to force-send energy. You absolutely MUST be a
neutral channel to effectively work with them.

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