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Energy Medicine – Eastern and Western Perspectives

A Unified System

Does the tradition of China, Japan and Korea focusing on Meridians compared to the Indian tradition of focusing on Chakras mean that the body has different or separate energy systems? Does it mean that the body has one energy system for the Chakras and a different energy system for the meridians? Not at all. They are just different parts/pieces/aspects of the same, unified, single system.

Let’s go back to the meridians for a moment and talk more specifically about them. Traditional, basic acupuncture/acupressure focuses on the standard 12 paired “organ” meridians plus the Governing and Conception Vessels which in one sense can be considered paired in their own right. I have a couple of reference books on the subject that flat say that the Eight Extraordinary or Strange Flow Vessels don’t really serve much useful purpose at all, which is categorically NOT true. One of the primary functions of the Strange Flow Vessels is to transfer energy among and between the individual, “standard” 14 meridians. They do this because they share points with the other meridians while having no specific points of their own.

But they also do a damn sight more than that.

Part of that “damn sight more” is that the Strange Flows also link into/hook into/tap into the Chakra structure because they are also part of the Transverse/Motor Spiral structure. I can’t prove it, but I suspect they have a direct correspondence to the Oval and Motor Spirals. In other words, these are what connect and overlap the Meridian/Chakra pieces and make it a unified whole.

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