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Language, Beliefs, and Mind-Sets

Energy and Faith

It all depends on HOW you define and apply Faith in this context. If you define faith as the belief that something is possible in the absence of strict scientific proof, then faith is definitely a factor in being able to effectively work with energy. But if you define faith in terms of any particular, specific religious beliefs, then the answer is maybe, maybe not.

Once again, the “inherent ability” to work with the body’s energy structure and systems is something that belongs to ALL of humanity. It is as much a part of what we are as our heart, lungs, arms and legs. But while the “potential” exists in everyone, there are definitely different levels of “actual” ability. Athletes are “better” than the average person for doing physical things because they train and practice for whatever sport is involved. Similar concepts apply for psychic or energetic abilities.

The critical piece or difference is that psychic/energetic abilities deal with the mind, with will or with intent. And this is where belief or faith enters the picture. If you either do not believe you can or, stated differently, actively believe that you can’t, then you will not be able to do it. The necessary will or intent simply isn’t there.

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