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Language, Beliefs, and Mind-Sets

The Power of Words

The problem with a lot of this “stuff” is that it is couched in religious or mystical terms. And as anyone who has ever studied language knows, words have power. They carry emotional charges and can cause physiological reactions. Awareness of the power of words is crucial for anyone in business, trained in human relations and performance evaluation. The same word can mean entirely different things to different people, evoking opposite responses and reactions.

For purposes of this discussion, I am going to use the definition “Of or pertaining to extraordinary, especially extrasensory and nonphysical, mental processes … Outside the known laws of physics.” Per this definition, I believe neither in miracles nor the supernatural as most people think of the supernatural. On the other hand, I believe equally strongly that seemingly miraculous and/or supernatural things happen all the time. My acceptance of this seeming contradiction is that I believe that nothing happens contrary to “natural law.” If something does happen which appears to be in contradiction or is an exception to that rule – it just means that the underlying cause or mechanism is not yet understood. There is an absolutely ridiculous saying that “the exception proves the rule.” What an utter bunch of garbage. The only thing that an exception proves is that the rule is wrong.

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