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Santa Fe Conference Trip 2005

Enroute to Santa Fe, New Mexico Conference

Weirdness on the Road

I’ve seen a lot of strange things over the last year and thousands of miles on the road, but I think the topper was at the beginning of this trip while driving across the salt flats on I-80, heading toward Salt Lake City.

I noticed that there were many, many “signs” of recent equestrian activity in the area. Then I noticed something strange about them. It started by seeing clumps and piles and then piles that did not appear natural. Then the piles started showing up in bizarre formations and patterns, as if by intelligent design.

It soon became obvious that random chance could not be affecting the gravitational pull on falling objects, as it were. An intelligence was obviously involved here, because I started seeing letters, geometric patterns and other precise shapes and formations.

There was no longer any doubt.

The UK may have the world’s most abundant annual production of Crop Circles, but the salt flats of Utah in the United States must surely hold their own record for (you guessed it) … Crap Circles.

Conference Recap – SANTA FE 2005

Talk about an absolutely amazing week. So much happened during the six days that I needed to get the main points down in writing before I forgot them. Writing a post seemed like a reasonable way to me to do it.

Like I said earlier, it was the 7th International Conference on Science and Consciousness. In brief, it is a gathering of a whole raft of folks and disciplines that presents the leading edge thinking in science and consciousness (spirituality), in essence looking for common ground. There were roughly 50 presentations, with 6-8 being for everybody at the same time and the rest split up so you had a choice of four in specific 1-2 hour time blocks during the day. There were several hundred attendees (I am guessing at 500-600 total), representing every continent but Antarctica and many, many countries.

I am not going to list the topics covered by each of them, but here is a partial list of some of the presenters to give you an idea of the caliber of the program. Ralph Abraham, David Abram, Andrea Adler, Cleve Bakster, Lee Bauman, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Gregg Braden, George Breed, Sherry Edwards, Masaru Emoto, Steven Greer, Christina Grof, Stanislav Grof, Susan Hale, Roger Hart, Michio Kaku, Bruce Lipton, Mark Macy, Laurie Monroe, Richard Moore, Christine Page, Peter Russell, Gary Schwartz, Charles Tart, and William Tiller. This is NOT the full list of names. Without going into the backgrounds on all of them, let’s just say that I have seen quite a few of them from time to time on various television programs.

I drove down from Seattle in the RV in two days. On the 21st, day of registration, I drove from the RV park to the hotel, only to find that there were no, none, zero, zip, nada and zilch parking spaces within walking distance of the hotel. So I drove back to the RV park and called a cab. Second shock was finding out that the cab fare was going to be $31 – one way. Since I had no choice, I paid it. Third shock was getting to the registration and finding out the number one reason I went in the first place (Konstantin Korotkov) couldn’t get a Visa clearance and wouldn’t be here. Bummed? I was about ready to say screw it and leave. An estimated $400 for cab fares for the week and the speaker I was most interested in wasn’t even going to be here?

I then wandered through their bookstore for an hour. When I came out, I ran into 3 people talking in the hall. One of them was mumbling about some “problem” so I told them mine from up above. The Korotkov piece, however, led into WHY I wanted to hear him speak. That led to what I do. To make it short, I ended up working on four folks right there in the hall – two backs, one neck, and a headache.

One of the four also happened to have a massage therapy background. We started by my demonstrating some of my techniques for her in the hall and ended up in her hotel room where I gave her a somewhere between hour and a half and two hour full treatment session. Actually, that is not completely accurate. That was my intention. When I finished, she said “How much do I owe you?” and I said “You don’t owe me anything.” She countered with “Yes I do” and four twenty-dollar bills. She also countered with a bombshell that took me right between the eyes. She is trained in and has done massage in the past but that is not what she has been doing for the last several years. She is in advertising and media presentations. Specifically, the outfit she works for now in Florida is some kind of Multi Media group that specializes in producing and marketing instructional, how-to, health, and self-help DVDs. They did one recently on Reflexology. At her request (I had shown her one of my brochures earlier in the hall and she promptly put it in her purse and told me she wasn’t giving it back), we swapped contact info. If things materialize, I hope to be in contact with her in mid-May to start discussing putting something together.

I mentioned in my earlier post that I was able to meet and work on Laurie Monroe of the Monroe Institute. What I didn’t say was that she walked clear across the ballroom, straight up to me in the back of the room and said “I hear you have great hands.” She then stepped back, looked at me, and said “I know you.” I’ve never met the woman! I asked her just exactly what she meant by that comment because it really caught me off guard. She said “I don’t know. I just know you.” I was able to work on her for a few minutes before her presentation. She then sat next to me at a presentation the following morning and I worked on her again that afternoon.

In terms of my previous “hands on” comment, I had approached the staff at registration the first morning when I realized I was going to have a lot of thumb twiddle down time and told them that if they were interested and would give me a small piece of floor space and a couple of chairs, I would be happy to demo some energy work for them because I figured there were a whole bunch of people at the conference who believed in it but had never experienced it first hand. They were and did, so I did.

Very early on the first morning (first or second person I was working on), someone came up, watched for a minute, and asked if I would mind if she assisted. I told her to have at it and she promptly blew me away with what she could do. I have seen some pretty good intuitives in the last year, but nothing like her. We ended up doing three solid days working in tandem on people, with me focusing on the physical and her on the emotional/spiritual/psychic level. By the third day, I told her “If you and I lived anywhere within 100 miles of each other, we would be partnering in this” and she agreed. She ended up with one of my five hour table sessions the third evening and I got so much insight from her on some of the things I am doing that I am still in awe. As just one example, I already knew that the Spinal Snake did more than just align the spine. I did not know, however, until she told me, that it also directly affects the internal organs and helps shift them back into correct position. I also did not know that one of the key reasons why I am getting results using acupressure points for Fibromyalgia is that I am using points on the side of the neck that apparently have a direct connection to it.

On top of all of the above, she (along with another lady I worked on this week who lives in the same place in Colorado) is going to work on setting up a training seminar where I will be able to go in and train 10-12 couples working with each other. She also called a friend of hers in Mt Shasta, California. Upshot is that I will be stopping in Mt Shasta next week to work with her friend (specifically to treat her friends dog) and for her friend to introduce me to someone else in town to talk about doing a training seminar and treatment sessions in Mt Shasta this summer. A completely different person I worked on at the Conference intends to try to arrange to get me out to Wisconsin and another one wants me in Florida. Then there is the retired doctor from Fresno, California that I worked on yesterday afternoon who gave me her business card along with a “Please call me the next time you are in California. I am tired of feeling the way I do and I want to schedule a full session with you.” This afternoon, I was working on someone with a migraine headache when Dr. Gary Schwartz walked up (I had gone to both of his presentations and had given him one of my brochures earlier). While I was working, he asked how long I had been this and a couple of other questions. What I didn’t know was that the lady I was working on was a friend of his. He, by the way, is the head of the Biofield Research program at the University of Arizona. This involves research into various types of energy medicine. His comment when they left was “I will be talking to you.” Time will tell. If he follows through, things might get interesting since I have a few ideas about research that go WAY beyond studying the effects of Reiki on bacteria in a Petri dish.

Sadistic SOB with a perverted sense of humor that I am, I also took great delight in having the following conversation with three different doctors (I also ended up working on two of them and all three walked away with my brochure).

Me: “They don’t teach you guys anything about soft tissue in medical schools”

Them: “You’re right.” Me: “Or the fascial system”

Them: “You’re right.”

Me: “Or the Craniosacral system”

Them: “You’re right.”

Me: “Or the lymphatic system.”

Them: “You’re right.”

Me: “So where in the hell do you guys get off thinking you have ANY right to treat these things, especially using such invasive things as surgery and drugs?”

All three readily concurred that the medical system is in deep trouble.

I can’t even begin to list everybody and everything I worked on during the conference. I lost count of the number of spinal and neck alignments, as well as the number of headaches, including three in progress migraines. I also did three more bladders, bringing the count as of now to 27 in less than a year. My GERD technique? Lost count of the number of times there as well, but did demo it to two different doctors, both of whom immediately said (beating me to the punch) that GERD generally is NOT caused by too much acid but by a faulty valve. And listen to this – one of them also said that the son of one a colleagues USED to suffer from brutal Acid Reflux for years until he had the problem fixed by MANIPULATION! What, pray tell, have I been saying, over and over and over, for months now about GERD? Again, all the standard stuff got done repeatedly.

But I also got a chance to walk pretty far on the wild side as well. There were at least four cases where I was able to do some dialog with the body work. Most of them basically started with the individual walking up to me and asking “Are you the healer?” I would reply with “Yes and no. I’m Mike but I don’t heal anything. I act as a catalyst or vehicle to assist your body in healing itself..” They would then go on to ask if I would work on their whatever strange request they individually had. And yes, the involved requests were fairly strange.

This morning involved someone asking if I could (are you ready Ms. Liza?) regrow the cartilage in his right hip. Yesterday afternoon was the lady from Wisconsin who wanted me to work on her eyes (cataract in the right and legally blind in the left). Last night was esophageal scarring and intestinal parasites. There were two others I am too tired to remember details about at the moment. I told all of them the same thing – there was nothing I could do. I could, however, bring them into a deeply relaxed state and then talk to their body to see if their body had any ideas. In all cases, it did, coming back with specific recommendations and time frames. I have asked all of them to please keep me posted on results, positive or negative. Will this work? I don’t know. I do know that we tried the same technique with Darlene’s eye about a month ago. I talked to her on the phone tonight and there has been definite positive change. Preliminary results are encouraging but it is way, way too early to tell. I am, however, hopeful and also know that this IS the direction my research is headed.

To wrap it up for now, I was reminded again by a couple of staff members that they want me to get the application forms off the web site and submit a proposal to be a presenter myself at next year’s conference. Two or three times during the conference I was told “Just file a proposal; we’ll support it.” Anika (the lady who assisted me for three days) had two of the staff tell her this afternoon how much they were hoping that I do follow thru and submit a proposal. And yes, I most definitely intend to. That, along with finishing the next article for Pulse and calling Florida about doing a DVD are the prime dishes on my menu for May.


I told Cindy C something earlier that I have a hunch the rest of you probably also already suspected … some of the wilder items about the Conference never got into the Post.  Most of them revolve around Akina (the gal I mentioned who worked with me for three days).

When I said I was in awe at what she could do, that was an understatement.  I have seen some pretty weird stuff in the last year, but that did not include being able to scan a body and see what was happening with the organs while they were being worked on.  It was like she could literally see inside the body.  It was absolute, pure joy working with her.

She made several observations during the week that were extremely beneficial for me.  One of the first things she told me was while I was doing the Snake on someone.  She was watching and said “Your spinal work is impeccable.  I work with a chiropractor who is very good and very fast but she doesn’t come even close to your speed.”  Later, while I was working on someone else, she commented about the internal organs shifting back into proper position while I was doing it.  Seems that the Snake affects the organs via the nerve connections. She also tried to rename it from the Spinal Snake to the Dragon because of its effectiveness. 

I have known since last year that using acupressure on the diagnostic points is effective for reducing the pain of Fibromyalgia.  I should point out, however, that I have not done it working just those points.  The specific fibro points are just part of my regular long routine.  According to Akina, what makes the routine effective for fibro is that I have been using points in the side of the neck called the Windows to the Sky points.  They are intended for opening things up in a more spiritual/psychic context.  She said they have direct bearing on Fibro.  Not sure exactly in which way, but I am going to take her word for it.

She also repeatedly had me work the tail-bone on people.  She said that this is critical for the transformation in consciousness taking place at this time. She also said that it is essential that both the Sphenoid bone function properly (for higher plane needs) and the tail-bone (for grounding).  I have been doing the Sphenoid – I am now supposed to add the tail-bone to my routine.

She didn’t spell it out precisely, but what came to me afterwards was a different significance to the pattern that I have been running in my overall protocol.  By using the Windows to the Sky and balancing the sphenoid (especially if I add the tail-bone to it), I will apparently be helping to shift or transition the consciousness of those people I am working on.  In other words, the actual work is being done at far more than the physical level.  This struck me because I have been saying for months that the ultimate goal of wherever this all is headed has less to do with the differences between allopathic and alternative medicine as it does spiritually. 

At one point, she said “Your guides just told me to tell you to go to a park or some other public place and just watch people walking by.  When you see someone with a postural or gait problem, “adjust” it for them by just thinking about it.”  I told her “I always thought you had to ask their higher self for permission to do something like that.”  Her reply was “We just gave you permission.”

One of the presentations I did attend was Spiritual Marketing by Andrea Adler.  Among other things, her program talks about nine Spiritual Rules, one of which is called The Priceless Offering.  Specifically, it refers to giving of your self.  The following afternoon, I was working on someone in the hall when Andrea and Akina walked up to me. While I was working, Akina told me she had called a friend of hers in Mt. Shasta and the friend wanted me to stop by on the way home because she wants to sponsor me in the area for classes and treatment sessions.  This caught me so off-guard that I totally lost it on the spot.   I just put my head down and started crying.  Andrea simply pointed to my sign on the bulletin board that said “Free Energy Work Demo’s” and commented “You can’t keep making these offerings without having it come back.  That’s the law of the Universe.”

Another weird one involved Akina’s boyfriend.  Keep in mind that I did not meet him until the last day.  The night before, the two of them were talking on the phone and Tom (boyfriend) told Akina “He (referring to me) has scarring on his heart.”  She told me that what she knows is that past “wounds to the heart” cause a physical scarring in the present life time.  She also said the two of them were going to do some distance work on me to help clear it.  Don’t know if they have yet, but I did notice driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles that I seemed to be more at peace with everything, as well as more focused and energized about moving forward.

Talking about past lives, one of my after-hours long sessions got into that.  The person I was working with was having serious throat issues.  While I was working on her neck, she suddenly sat straight up, put her hands around her throat, and said “I was strangled, choked to death … I was also hung!”  I had something similar happen in the hall but with a twist.  I was talking to someone who feels he has much to offer in a presentation but can’t speak in public.  I did some body dialog work with him and talked to his throat.  Seems there was a past life history of getting his ass whacked for speaking out which now prevents him from speaking out in this life time.  Interesting. 

I already touched on some of the other situations where I was doing cell/body part talk or dialog.  It is way too early to make any conclusions about any of it but the preliminary work is intriguing.  I asked at least four of them to be sure to keep me informed, one way or the other, positive or negative, good or bad, results or no results.  The potential here is enormous if we can harness the power and make it work.  The risk of creating false hopes and shattering fragile emotions is also enormous so I only do this work in limited, strictly controlled situations and then only after stressing that I personally heal nothing and there are no guarantees.

Another realization I had while driving out of Santa Fe is that what I am doing will ultimately make much of today’s standard Physical Therapy techniques obsolete, along with a lot of the standard Swedish massage treatment techniques as well.

One comment Akina made that was easier for me to deal with now than it would have been a few months ago was “Your energy is absolutely pristine.  You are channeling pure energy – nothing of you is being used.  You are doing exactly what you are telling people – you are not giving them yours and you are not taking theirs.”  She also said that this is going to be critical in the future and that many energy workers today are going to fail in the future because they try to “push” their own energy and that simply won’t work when you are dealing with Indigos and Crystals.  

And do you want to know the funny part of it all?  She kept thanking me for the chance to work with me because she never would have started working on people in the hall on her own if she had not seen me already doing it.

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