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Summer Road Trip 2006


Anticipated departure from Seattle: June 25

Anticipated return to Seattle: September 15

Planned working stop locations.

The only absolute dates so far are that we canít leave before the 21st of June (daughter and son-in-law have their MBA program graduation on the 20th and I have been threatened with grievous bodily harm if we miss it), must be in Baltimore on the 1st and 2nd of August for a follow-up on a connective tissue study I am participating in through the NIH, and be home no later than September 20 to prepare for my September 23rd class. Best guess for the rest is to be in Colorado for several days, probably a week, the end of June-first of July, the Dayton area around the 15th-16th of July, Michigan for a week or more following Dayton. Final itinerary (subject to multiple changes as always) will be worked up next month.

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