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Treatment Techniques

Origin-Insertion Directed Energy – OIDE

As with Integrated Energetics, this is purely a made-up term that I use for lack of anything better to describe one of my primary techniques.

Simply put, ANY contracted muscle in the body can be released energetically by simultaneously holding the origin and insertion points of the involved muscle and waiting for it to release on its own. It isn’t even necessary that the precise origins and insertions be engaged, just the approximate end points. As examples, the origin points for Pec Minor are actually under the breast tissue and the insertion point for the Iliopsoas is on the lesser trochanter of the femur. Both of these positions are in, shall we say, sensitive areas where engaging actual points can seem invasive to the recipient.

I use this basic technique to treat Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Contracted PSOAS, Whiplash, Torticolis, Piriformis Syndrome, and any other issue involving a contracted muscle. It can also be used to release tension in the Iliotibial Band and to treat shin splints.

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