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Treatment Techniques


Dialoging with the body, bodytalk, cell talk, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, whatever term whoever chooses to use (I personally use dialoging because it less likely to step on the toes or turf of others <G>) is an unbelievably powerful tool. 

The best way is to have the body "part" talk to you through the voice of the client IF you can get the client's conscious mind to get out of the way.  It is critical that you tell the client to spout off exactly what pops into their mind, immediately, without filtering it, no matter how bizarre it might seem to them.  The reason this is the best way is that you can get much more detailed information from the body that way.  Not everyone, however, is comfortable enough with it to stop filtering.  I can't do it at all this way with my daughter.  I can give her a full cervical adjustment and take out her headache from 20 miles away, yet she thinks talking to body parts is weird <G>. 

You start by first asking the client if it would be OK for you to talk to what ever body part or organ you wish to speak to.  You then introduce yourself to that part by saying something like “Hi. I’m Mike.  I would like to talk you.  Are you willing to talk to me?”  Assuming a yes answer, you then tell the body that you are going to ask some questions and you would like it to answer, using the client’s voice.  You explain why you want to talk to that part (usually because there is some kind of severe dysfunction that is impacting the rest of the body).  You explain what those impacts are and what the person is looking at doing for treatment.  Then you start asking questions.

How do you know if the person’s conscious mind is getting in the way or if you are getting subconscious/body part responses?  One way is if they delay and seem to be thinking about their answer before they speak up.  The longer they delay, the greater the probability that what they say has been consciously filtered.  Another good indication is their body language and general reaction to whatever answer they give.  One example was when I was working with a family friend in Las Vegas a couple of years ago.  The individual is HIV positive and taking massive doses of the meds necessary to keep everything in check.  His kidney told us that it NEEDED more water, lots more water, to adequately process toxins.  It was being overloaded by the demands the meds were putting on it and in serious risk of renal failure down the road unless the individual started taking in more water every day.  Well, this person absolutely hates drinking water.  We could tell from his reaction (body slumped, chin dropped, and an audible wince) that he was about to tell us something that was (for him) unpleasant.  Another example was a case I worked with in New Mexico last year involving osteoporotic bone loss in the hip socket.  His hip told us, among other things, that this person needed to start an exercise program that included riding his bike for at least two miles a day, every day.  I no sooner had asked the question when he responded with “Oh, crud.”  I asked him what he meant and he said “It told me I need to get that damn bike out of the garage and start using it.” 

A third indication is the level of detail in the answers.  Do the answers fit with what the individual would logically know and be able to recite back on their own?  I have had three cases in the last two years where extremely detailed treatment protocols were spelled out during the session.  One was particularly fascinating.  This individual also had extreme osteoporosis, including to the point of actual holes in the pelvis from bone loss.  And that was her good hip.  She had been trying to have hip replacement surgery scheduled for several months.  Every time she went for pre-screening, she was deemed an excessive risk for surgery because of her heart numbers.  This session started as described above.  I then said “You know she is trying to schedule hip surgery to replace you but every time she does, her heart numbers won’t permit it.”  The very first reaction we got was a chuckle, followed by “Yeah, I know.  I did it.”  Me:  “You did what?”  Hip:  “Screwed up the numbers.”  Me:  “You screwed up the numbers?  Why?”  Hip:  “Because I don’t want the surgery.  She doesn’t need it.”  After quite a few more questions, we ended up with the hip laying out a very detailed program for her to follow.  (It also included dialoging with the adult stem cells in her bone marrow to see if they could be talked into migrating where needed).  The word was that it would take a minimum of a full year before maximum benefit would be reached, IF she did everything the hip asked for.  When I asked how she would know things were improving, the hip said “By the time she has her next DEXA scan, there will be more than enough change to convince anybody that it is working.  It won’t be done, but she will know.”  This was in May.  She had her next DEXA scan in August.  Result?  ZERO sign of osteoporosis and the holes in the pelvis had disappeared.   Can we prove anything from this?  Not to the satisfaction of most skeptics and western trained scientists.  But it sure raises some interesting speculation in my mind about what just might be possible from some of this.

Two other good alternative techniques are to phrase the questions so they can be answered with simple yes or no answers.  It takes longer and you don't get the level of detail, but they bypass the conscious filter.  If you are trained in Touch for Health, their muscle testing routine can be effective.  I recently had a situation where I put my right hand fingertips on the person’s right shoulder and my left on her left shoulder and then asked the body to answer by giving me an energetic buzz, right hand for yes and left hand for no.  I got enough out of that to be fairly comfortable that the individual’s scoliosis onset was triggered by a bad fall on her coccyx when she was between six and seven. 

Whatever term you want to use, the basic technique presents some very interesting possibilities and potentials. 

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