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Treatment Techniques

Rib Head Release

A similar technique is used for subluxed ribs. The basic technique for treating one rib at a time is called a Rib Head Release and is from Polarity Therapy. After identifying that a rib is out, finger tips of one hand are placed at the rib head next to the spine. Finger tips of the other hand are placed at the sternal connection in front. The position is held until an energetic balance is achieved. It will feel like the rib is “wobbling” itself back into position.

Rib Head Release Rib Head Release

A variation similar to the Spinal Snake treats all of the upper ribs at the same time. The thumb of the anterior hand is placed in the sternal notch and the tip of the middle finger is placed at the bottom of the sternum. The thumb of thumb and middle fingers of the posterior hand are placed at T1 and on a level with the bottom of the sternum.


Rib Head Release Rib Head Release

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