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Treatment Work


I discussed earlier what entrainment “is.”  Now it is time to discuss “how to do it.”  

There is no one right way to do it that works for everyone, any more than there is a single “right way” to sense energy.  There just is.  The right way is whatever works best for the particular practitioner.  I am personally fortunate, and also a bit unusual, in that I don’t need to do any particular set of exercises or meditations to achieve the necessary brain wave state.  I can literally “be there” in about as much time as it takes to throw a light switch.  And I can maintain that necessary entrainment treating someone while I am lecturing to the rest of the room on what I am doing.  It is by no means a unique ability, but neither is it the norm.  

Most bodywork modalities (can’t say all because I’m not trained in all), start with some kind of hand position to “acclimate the body to your touch,” or “to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS),” or to “induce a still point,” or whatever that particular modality chooses to call it.  But whatever they choose to call “it,” the “it” is in reality the entrainment of energy fields between practitioner and client.  

I personally prefer when possible to do so to use some type of cranial vault hold where the client is supine on the table and I cradle their head with my fingers accessing the base of the skull along the occipital ridge and at the Gall Bladder 20 points.  I prefer this because this also starts the treatment session.  I generally also recommend this as a starting point when I am teaching people.  The reason is that if they can sense the energy through the GB 20s, they will know they are entrained when the energy at the 20s feels balanced.   

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