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Treatment Work

Questioning the Teacher

There is always a natural reluctance "to question the teacher." But if no one ever questioned their teachers, we would all still be knapping flint to make sharp, pointy objects instead of using Sheffield steel. You learn by listening; you grow by questioning. It isn't a matter of being confrontational (although I do personally get accused of that from time to time <G>), or challenging. It is more of a seeking out, a looking or thinking outside the traditional box if you will.

Research, experimentation, exploration, and observation are the HOW mankind expands its knowledge base. Questioning is the WHY.

Do not blindly accept what any “teacher” (including me) tells you as the only way to do anything. If all I ever did over the last four years was take what I was "taught" and then just simply applied it, most of what I have written in emails, posts, and this web site would never have been written.

Part of my hang-up with people is that they learn something a certain way and then think that it always has to be done just exactly that way when nothing could be further from the truth. Even worse, someone learns something and then goes out and teaches whatever it is they learned. Not knowing any better themselves, they not only think it MUST be taught they way learned it, they compound the problem by telling their students that whichever way they are doing is the only way. Horse puckey. Follow your instincts and let your intuition be your guide. If all you ever do is what you have learned from someone else, you will never grow in your own right.

Along these lines, here are a few pointers I learned along the way.

  1. There is ALWAYS more than one way to do anything, even when working with energy.
  2. There is no right or wrong way to work with or sense energy, there just "is." Everyone has their own way of perceiving it.
  3. It is NOT our job as an energy worker to "fix" anyone and in fact we can't.
  4. Our job or role is to simply act as a facilitator to allow their body to fix itself.
  5. Don't get hung up on technique. Don't become so absorbed in mastering technique that you lose sight of why you are learning the technique in the first place.
  6. There is nothing magic or sacred about ANY particular hand position. Hold whichever way feels right FOR YOU at the time.
  7. The single most important goal when working energetically, regardless of modality or technique within a modality, is BALANCE.

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