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Types Of Bodywork/Modalities

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy stems from the Ayuervedic Tradition of India compared to TCM or related systems in Korea or Japan. One of the primary principles of Ayuervedic relative to the energetic body is a system of "Chakras" or energy centers. Most people are familiar with the Caduceus or Staff of Hermes – the intertwined serpents representing the medical profession. Relatively few, however, are aware that a similar symbol is used in the Ayuervedic tradition to represent the seven main energetic Chakras.

There are numerous similarities between acupressure and Polarity but the primary differences lie in acupressure being point specific where Polarity tends to use a broader span with the hands instead of finger tips. The other main difference is that acupressure focuses on the meridians and points where Polarity focuses more on the Chakras. Some of the manual Polarity techniques, however, can be too aggressive for anyone with skin fragility.

Another critical distinction between the two, at least for me, is that I find acupressure to be superior for working with CONDITIONS and Polarity to be superior for addressing STRUCTURAL issues. The biggest distinction, however, is that I currently know of no acupressure techniques that can “move bones.” You most definitely CAN get bones to move or realign on their own using Polarity.

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